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    • 10/30/2020
    • 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM (EDT)
    • ZOOM - LINK and Handout to be sent 10/29/2020
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    The Power of STORY...Where Relationships Begin (8:30-10:30 -- bring your own coffee/tea and snacks)

    What is the importance of story and storytelling in our lives?  Our time together will create its meaning as we share our stories in this facilitated discussion.  Take off your mask and bring your authentic self. Each of our lives has had a lot of twists, turns, ups and downs to get to here.  That circuitous journey has created stories to tell and equipped us to be more effective in our lives.

    Speaker Jim Folks says: "What I have always appreciated about this group is every time we are together, the desire to learn and the spirit and chemistry in the room always reveals something valuable that empowers me to move forward in my journey to fully becoming my authentic self.  Hopefully, that is true for you as well.  Plan to Zoom in and let’s do that together Friday, October 30, 2020 (FIFTH Friday in October)"

    In addition to being the Change SIG’s in-person coffee meister for years, Jim Folks has lived a lifetime of stories. He has run a car wash, a recreation center, been a Chicago Transit Authority bus driver, and went from route driver to VP of a major corporation. He resigned from the corporate world New Year’s Eve 1993, to open Positive Momentum, Inc., a personal development company dedicated to “Providing Pathways to Success.” 

    In 2005 Jim answered a call to the ministry after running from it for 35 years.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Master of Divinity from Hood Theological Seminary in 2009, served as a local pastor in The United Methodist Church (UMC) from 2005-2019. He retired from the UMC in 2019 and is currently enjoying the privilege of filling the pulpit for other pastors, volunteering, and other pursuits as they present themselves. He and his wife Rose have attended major storytelling festivals for many years, including the last life-giving one.

    For more information, contact SIG leaders, Vickie Bevenour or Mary Charles Blakebrough (919-656-9573).

    • 11/11/2020
    • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM (EST)
    • via ZOOM Invite sent later


    • “Have the answer? I don’t even understand the question.”  Anonymous

      We pick up where we left off in September’s SIG on the topic of curiosity and not knowing. It would seem that being humble is important to knowing what you don’t know. Not knowing puts you in learning mode and sparks curiosity as to what others think.

      Almost 20 years ago, Jim Collins, in his best-selling book, Good to Great, discovered humility to be the X factor of great leadership. While not a new idea, being humble is the latest buzzword in leadership development. Humility is the ‘new smart’ and required leadership trait in these unpredictable, chaotic times. 

      What’s going on here? In business, we learned early on that confidence and having answers were the key to being credible and taken seriously. Now, being humble and fessing up that you don’t have the answer makes you more genuine, approachable, and compelling. 

      In this SIG, we will explore:

    • o   What humility looks like – its behaviors and attributes.
    • o   Why humility is important, especially now?
    • o   The distinctions between confidence, arrogance, and humility.
    • o   Can humility be learned?

     We look forward to a good discussion and hearing your views on this topic.

    Be well,

    Joe Doty & Bob Stapleton

    P.S. Registration is limited to 25 people. We have been experiencing ~ 40% no-shows which is unfortunate. Out of consideration for members who want to and can attend, we ask that you:

    - Only register if you know you can attend.

    - If a conflict arises and you cannot attend, please cancel your registration. (This is why we send reminders)

    Thanks for your help.

    • 12/04/2020
    • 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM (EST)
    • ZOOM - LINK and handouts to be sent 12/3/2020
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    Big 2020 AH-HA for You? 20th Annual Tips & Tricks Exchange  (Coffee/tea/snacks) 
    This is our annual SIG Holiday TIPS & TRICKS EXCHANGE. It is a joint Nov/Dec meeting and the agenda is one that we have had for 20 years. We gather to share something that has impacted us either professionally or personally during 2019. 

    We ask that you bring a book, a tip, a technique, a brain-friendly recipe, a picture, a poem, a great quote, or anything else that has inspired, pleased or touched you in the past year. If it has been surprisingly successful, that's even better.

    You can share your tip or trick with the group by telling us about it. NOTE: Debbie, Vickie, and I are brainstorming what might work for organizing the sharing on Zoom. We've found this to be one of our best programs - always full of surprises
     and a real GIFT to all of us!

    NOTE: This would have been our sixth annual after-SIG lunch at a nearby restaurant open for lunch. How could we create a virtual one? Maybe have breakout sessions that everyone brings their own lunch & drink to. That way you get to hang out with a few other Change SIGers? Other ideas? Other experiences we might use as a model?

    For more information, contact SIG leaders, Vickie Bevenour or Mary Charles Blakebrough (919-656-9573).

    • 01/22/2021
    • 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM (EST)
    • ZOOM - LINK and Handout to be sent 1/21/2021
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    Starting the Year Curious, Aligned and (yes) On-Line (bring your own coffee/tea and snacks)

    Come join us for an interactive session on getting/staying curious about what’s possible on-line for folks facilitating meetings, working with coaching clients, or wanting to learn some new tricks.

    Kristin Bradley-Bull, Founder/Lead Consultant, Roots to Canopy, LLC, has been experimenting some in this bigger play-space of virtual possibilities.

    For more information, contact SIG leaders, Vickie Bevenour  or Mary Charles Blakebrough (919-656-9573).

    • 02/26/2021
    • 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM (EST)
    • ZOOM - program TBD
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    OPEN MIKE - Now Scheduling 2021 February-October Change SIG Programs
    Would you like to do a 'dry run' of a big presentation of a personal, professional, or professional change topic before the big day or showcase latest favorites?  Contact Mary Charles Blakebrough 919-493-5424 or mcbreakthrough@mindspring.com about being one of our 2021 Change SIG speakers.
        NOTE  Currently we are booking for fourth Fridays, Feb-Oct 2021
        NOTE 2: No registrations here. OPEN MIKE floats as programs are added.

    For more information, contact SIG leaders, Vickie Bevenour  or Mary Charles Blakebrough (919-493-5424).

Past events

10/13/2020 Zoom Leadership SIG - Leadership Lessons from The Navy's Most Beloved Leader - Elmo Russell "Bud" Zumwalt
09/30/2020 BEyond Change - Understand the Driving Force of the ‘Being Energy’ when you Lead a Change
09/25/2020 ZOOM: Revised Change SIG: 9/25/20 Five Ancient Ideas to Apply in These Crazy Times - Greg Whitt
09/15/2020 Leadership SIG - The Power of Curiosity and Not Knowing
08/28/2020 ZOOM: Change SIG: 8/28/20 - Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change Through Caring Conversations - Teresa Donegan, PhD
08/18/2020 Leadership SIG - Confronting Bad Bosses - If Not Us, Then Who?
07/24/2020 ZOOM: Change SIG: 7/24/20 - Radical Resilience: Cultivating Creativity in a Fractured World - Annelies Gentile
07/21/2020 A Transformative Moment: Collaborative Leadership in a Time of Turmoil
07/14/2020 Leadership SIG - Taking a Stand – A Leadership Competency
06/26/2020 ZOOM: Change SIG: 6/26/20 - Courage to Trust - Peter Metzner
05/29/2020 ZOOM: Change SIG: 5/29/2020 - Five Steps to Shift Your Perspective When Dealing with Uncertainties - Evelyn Fendler-Lee
04/24/2020 ZOOM: Change SIG: 4/24/2020 - Ditch the Drama on Teams with Strengths Intelligence - Teri Johnson
04/23/2020 CANCELLED, reschedule TBD - 2020 Annual Conference: Creating a Future Ready Organization
03/27/2020 ZOOM: Change SIG: 3/27/20 - Feeding Your Brain for a Change - 2020 UPDATE
03/19/2020 Raising Performance by Shifting Mindsets -- An Exploration of Positive Psychology in the Workplace
02/28/2020 Change SIG: 2/28/2020 - RESILIENCE: Resources to Bend not Break, Coping and Creating with Change - Annelies Gentile
02/19/2020 Business & Technology SIG: A conversation with Enterprise Design
02/11/2020 Re-Imagining Succession Planning
01/24/2020 Change SIG: 1/24/20 - How Comfortable Are You With Uncertainty? Two Models/Methods from HSD for Seeing AND Doing - Mary Nations
01/15/2020 Business & Technology SIG: Co-creating 2020 Outcomes
01/14/2020 The Only Constant is Change
12/06/2019 Change SIG: 12/6/19 - Big 2019 AH-HA for You? 19th Annual Tips & Tricks Exchange
11/14/2019 Celebration 2019!
10/25/2019 Change SIG: 10/25/19 - Organizational Patterns - The Influence of Family Dynamics at Work - Mindy Schrager
10/08/2019 Changing Dynamics of Performance Management
09/27/2019 Change SIG: 9/27/19 - THE CIRCLE SOLUTION: Using 'Interpersonal Flexibility Circle' to Decode Mysteries of Relationships - Hope Hills, PhD
09/18/2019 Partner Networking Event
08/23/2019 Change SIG: 8/23/19 - Engaged Workforce, Future Vision, High Performance: Mitchen Strategic Positioning SystemTM
07/26/2019 Change SIG: 7/26/19 - Vets to Vets United: Non-Profit Journey from Change SIG to Today
07/25/2019 Digital Transformation - A Window into What It is and What's Emerging
06/28/2019 Change SIG: 6/28/19 - “Synchronicities:” Hidden Threads Impacting Our Professional & Personal Lives - Peter Metzner
06/11/2019 What does Mindfulness have to do with it?
05/24/2019 Change SIG: 5/24/19 - Navigating Career/Life Transitions With Courage: A Collaborative Discussion
05/21/2019 Negotiation: The Swiss Army Knife of Relationship Management
04/26/2019 Change SIG: 4/26/19 - Discover Thetaland: A “Thinking at the Edge” Game Leading to Surprising Clarity
04/02/2019 2019 Annual Conference: Leadership for Transformation - Building the capacity to meet 21st century challenges
03/22/2019 Change SIG: 3/22/19 - Feeding Your Brain for a Change - 2019 UPDATE
03/12/2019 Design Thinking Crash Course
02/22/2019 Change SIG: 2/22/19 - Education in the 21st Century: Training the Mind AND the Heart
02/12/2019 Combating the Imposter Syndrome
01/25/2019 Change SIG: 1/25/19 - Curiosity: What's the big deal?
01/08/2019 The Business Imperative of Kindness and Equity
12/12/2018 Leadership SIG - Employee Turnover – Can Leadership Make the Difference?
12/07/2018 Change SIG: 12/7 Big 2018 AH-HA for You? 18th Annual Tips & Tricks Exchange
11/15/2018 TODN Celebrates 2018!
10/26/2018 Change SIG - 10/26 - New Power: Realizing How Power Works Now - Peter Metzner
10/16/2018 Engaging People Across Generational Differences
09/28/2018 Change SIG - 9/28 Being Mindful: The Pause that Refreshes . . . and Reduces Stress
09/25/2018 The Collaborative Operating System
08/24/2018 Change SIG - 8/24 Using Organizational Surveys to Drive Change
08/22/2018 Leadership SIG - Leading Change – Why Many Leaders Don’t Do It Well… and What They Can Do About It.
08/07/2018 Partners Networking Event at the Ballpark
07/27/2018 Change SIG - 7/27 The Artist as Leader: How Renowned Artists Lead in Turbulent Times
06/29/2018 Change SIG - 6/29 Designing Your Life: Apply Design Thinking Tools
06/12/2018 Your Coaching/Consulting Business: Are You Standing Out, or Outstanding?
05/25/2018 Change SIG - 5/25 I Didn’t Sign On for This: Dealing With Constant Change in the Workplace
05/23/2018 Leadership SIG - Micro Aggressions in Business. What Leaders Need to Know Beyond Racism, Sexism, And Discrimination.
05/10/2018 How Charged Is Your Battery? Energy Management Skills Can Help You Regulate Your Energy and Use it for What Matters Most
04/27/2018 Change SIG - 4/27 Conversational Intelligence® and the Neuroscience of Conversation
04/10/2018 Annual Conference - Connecting in a Disconnected World
03/23/2018 Change SIG - 3/23 How Going with the FLOW Can Lead to Enhanced Leadership Performance
03/21/2018 Leadership SIG - Feedback and Mattering
03/15/2018 The Power of Presence: The New Dress Code
02/23/2018 Change SIG: 2/23 - Feeding Your Brain for a Change - 2018 UPDATE
02/20/2018 A “Dead Reckoning”: Where Are We, What are the Conditions We’re Facing and, What is the Path Forward?
02/20/2018 Free Webinar - The Self-organizing Revolution: Why Top Companies Are Abandoning Hierarchy
02/13/2018 Learning at the speed of business – How Neuroscience Can Help Shape the Workplace of the future
01/26/2018 Change SIG: 1/26 - Create Your Offer with Authentic, Clutter-Free Communication
01/09/2018 The Enemy Within: Why We Don’t Learn and What We Can Do About It
12/12/2017 How Leaders Build a Culture of Integrity
12/01/2017 Change SIG: 12/1 Big 2017 AH-HA for You? 17th Annual Tips & Tricks Exchange
11/14/2017 TODN, Celebrate 2017!
10/30/2017 Leadership SIG - Scary Bosses - Dealing With and Coaching Jerks
10/27/2017 Change SIG: 10/27 - Epigenetic Coaching: Optimizing Human Performance and Potential
10/10/2017 Let’s Talk OD!
09/29/2017 Change SIG: DATE CHANGE 9/29 Emotional DNA: How Our Families Influence the Way We Show Up at Work
09/26/2017 Partners Networking Event
09/20/2017 Leadership SIG - Truth Telling - Speaking Truth to Leaders
08/25/2017 Change SIG: 08/25 Asking Powerful Questions: Asking Your Clients Questions that Evoke Possibilities
08/23/2017 August 23rd Leadership SIG - Thorny Dilemmas and Prickly Aha's - Co-consult Session
08/08/2017 Serious Games – Putting Your Knowledge Into Play
07/28/2017 Change SIG: 7/28 Telling Stories: Enhancing Connections and Delivering Optimal Messages
07/18/2017 Creating a Strong, Aligned Company Culture
06/28/2017 Leadership SIG Wednesday 6/28 - An Everyone Culture - Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization
06/23/2017 Change SIG: 6/23 - Strategic Problem-solving Using Harvard's "Gossip Triads"
06/13/2017 The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures
05/26/2017 Change SIG: 5/26 Tapping into 'Big C' Change with Type
04/28/2017 Change SIG - 4/28 Open Heart Mindset for Strong Leaders - Noa Ronen
04/26/2017 Leadership SIG Wednesday 4/26 - The Merits of Being a Genuine Leader
04/18/2017 Reinventing the Employee Experience
03/24/2017 Change SIG - 3/24 Courageous Conversations about Race and End of Life: Similarities and Differences
03/14/2017 Innovating Cultures- Victory, Failure & Cautionary Notes
03/08/2017 Leadership SIG Wednesday 3/8 - Fireside Chat with CEO Fulton Breen
02/24/2017 Change SIG - 2/24 Feeding Your Brain for a Change - UPDATE
02/21/2017 Leadership Trends - A Historical Retrospective on Where We've Been, Where We are Going, and What We Must Do
01/27/2017 Change SIG - 1/27 Exploring Your Missions for 2017, Large & Small - Tyler Townsend
01/18/2017 Leadership SIG Wednesday 1/18 - Leading in the Era of Donald Trump
01/11/2017 Learning to Think Like A Designer
12/15/2016 Leadership SIG Thursday 12/15 - Get Traction!
12/02/2016 Change SIG: Big 2016 AH-HA for You? 16th Annual Tips & Tricks Exchange
11/29/2016 Leadership SIG - Staying Focused on What Matters Most
11/15/2016 TODN, Celebrate 2016!
10/28/2016 Change SIG - 10/28 (back to 4th Friday): Facilitative Leadership: 7 Practices for Involving and Empowering Others
10/19/2016 Leadership SIG Co-Consult Session
10/11/2016 The Process of Organization Development: Sharing Best Practices
09/30/2016 Change SIG - 9/30 (5th Friday): Fierce Conversations - "What gets talked about in organizations determines what happens"
09/21/2016 Leadership SIG - September 21st
09/13/2016 US & Europe Leader's Perceptions of the Ideal Employees and implications
08/26/2016 Change SIG: Discovering Where Our Beliefs Come From: 'The Lifeline'
08/09/2016 Rogue Wave! 10 Lessons on Leading Before, During and After a Crisis
07/22/2016 Change SIG - Prime Your Body and Brain for Habit Change
06/24/2016 Change SIG - 6/24 - Be a Winner: Strategies for Career Success
06/14/2016 Leveraging Intercultural Competence for Results
05/27/2016 Change SIG - 5/27: Labels are a Sticky Business
05/18/2016 TODN Leadership SIG- Getting Real on Women in Leadership
05/10/2016 Leveraging Employee Well-Being to Create Organizational Well-Being
04/22/2016 Change SIG - 4/22: Co-creating an Appreciative Space for Change
04/18/2016 April Leadership SIG - Navigating in Organizational Crisis
04/13/2016 Triangle Organizational Development Network Annual Conference
03/25/2016 Change SIG: "True Secrets to Habit Change" Fay Krapf, Debbie Laxer
03/14/2016 March Leadership SIG - Lessons from Donald Trump
03/08/2016 Millennials at Work
02/26/2016 Change SIG - 2/26: What Does PXT Measure for You? Come Hear 'Dr. Hope' Give Us Her View
02/09/2016 When Strategy and OD Connect
01/29/2016 Change SIG - 1/29: Levels of Involvement AND "Change Transition Curve"
01/19/2016 Happy New Years – Making Those New Years Resolutions Stick
01/14/2016 Leadership SIG Co-Consult Session
12/04/2015 Change SIG: Big 2015 AH-HA for You? 15th Annual Tips & Tricks Exchange
11/13/2015 Change SIG: FEEDING YOUR BRAIN #2 - Update & Follow-up (How did you do?)
11/10/2015 TODN, Celebrate 2015!
10/26/2015 Leadership SIG - Pope Francis - A conversation on his leadership
10/13/2015 Consultants Knowledge Jam
10/09/2015 Change SIG: Changing from Valuables to VALUES: An Intro to Legacy Letters
09/23/2015 Leadership SIG: Understanding Leadership Presence
09/15/2015 Systems Coaching:  Going Deep to Transform a Team
08/28/2015 Change SIG: The Evidence-based Approach to Workplace Success
08/25/2015 Leadership SIG - Timeless Leadership Character Traits
08/11/2015 Mindful Leadership - Transforming how we think, interact and work in our business environment
08/06/2015 TODN Summer Social: TODN and ATD-RTA Mixer and Bulls Game
07/31/2015 Change SIG: Was That My Energy That Just Left?
07/21/2015 Leadership SIG - Mindfulness in Leadership
07/14/2015 Leadership Development in Emerging Markets
06/26/2015 Change SIG: The Hidden Costs of Unaware and Angry Executives
06/23/2015 TODN Leadership SIG
06/09/2015 Developing Talent through Assessments
05/22/2015 Change SIG: Intentional Networking: Three Tips to Word-of-Mouth Marketing Greatness
05/21/2015 Open Space Technology
05/12/2015 Key Organizational Principles Used in the Elusive Leadership Program
04/24/2015 Change SIG: No Texting at the ConferenceTable! Can We Still Communicate?
04/14/2015 Rules of Engagement: Managing the X to Y Generational Shift
03/27/2015 Change SIG: How Does FEEDING YOUR BRAIN Change Your Life? (rescheduled from 2/27)
03/10/2015 Tectonic Shifts: Impacts of Big Change on Organizations
01/27/2015 Change is Changing: Adaptive Capacity for Uncertain Times
01/23/2015 Change SIG: Social Media Expert Answers Questions #ChangeSIG
12/05/2014 Change SIG: Big 2014 AH-HA? Annual TIPS & TRICKS Exchange
11/18/2014 TODN, Celebrate 2014!
10/30/2014 Cool Tools for Organizational Effectiveness
10/24/2014 Change SIG: Adventures in Facilitation: What's Hot and Happening?
09/26/2014 Change SIG: Talent - On the Brink?
09/09/2014 Organization Design: What’s all the Fuss?
08/22/2014 Change SIG: Wanting Results? TAPPING on Money, Weight, Body Image, Stress Relief, and Pain
08/13/2014 The Changing Face and Pace of Mentoring
07/25/2014 Change SIG Bookathon - Bring a HIGH-IMPACT Book/eBook to Share
06/27/2014 Change SIG: Walking the Coach-Talk: Both at the Same Time?
06/10/2014 Trends in Leadership Development – What’s Working, What’s Not
05/30/2014 Change SIG: Interpersonal Flexibility Circle: What's Next?
05/14/2014 Leadership Competencies for the Fast Changing Diverse Global Economy
04/25/2014 Change SIG: Using Dreams in Coaching
04/15/2014 Conscious Leadership: Resilience and Results
03/28/2014 Change SIG: Is ACTION RESEARCH Old School OD? David Kiel
02/28/2014 Change SIG: Leadership Model for High Performing Teams - Mitch Owen, Ed.D.
02/11/2014 Crafting a Powerful Personal Vision
01/24/2014 Change SIG: What Do Invitational Organizations Look Like?
12/06/2013 Change SIG: Big 2013 AH-HA? Annual TIPS & TRICKS Exchange
11/26/2013 AI SIG November 26
11/13/2013 Coaching with Teams: ICF Raleigh Event
11/08/2013 How to Tip a Sacred Cow
10/25/2013 Change SIG: Great Ideas at Work & Engaged Employees
09/27/2013 Change SIG: The Interpersonal Circle
09/24/2013 AI SIG
09/12/2013 Member Social at Oh' Mulligans
08/23/2013 Change SIG: Making RIGHT TURNS as Part of a Change Initiative
08/05/2013 Psychodynamic Study Of Organizations
07/26/2013 Change SIG: Decisive: Using the WRAP Process
07/01/2013 Psychodynamic Study Of Organizations
06/28/2013 Change SIG: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us?
06/25/2013 AI SIG: Appreciative Coaching
06/20/2013 Managers as Mentors
06/03/2013 Psychodynamic Study Of Organizations
05/06/2013 Psychodynamic Study Of Organizations
05/03/2013 TODN Appreciative Inquiry Summit
04/26/2013 AI SIG: Affinity Diagrams
04/06/2013 The Great Human Race
04/01/2013 Psychodynamic Study Of Organizations
03/29/2013 Change SIG: Changing the Triangle, One Veteran and One Shelter Dog at a Time
03/26/2013 AI SIG: Planning the Summit Flow
03/04/2013 Psychodynamic Study Of Organizations
02/26/2013 AI SIG: Creating the Interview Guide
02/04/2013 Psychodynamic Study Of Organizations
01/24/2013 Add FIZ to your MOJO: Build Improvisation Skills for Increased Interaction
01/22/2013 AI SIG: Designing the TODN AI Summit
01/07/2013 Psychodynamic Study Of Organizations

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