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  • Change SIG: 8/26/22 - Creating Relationship Awareness Through a Systemic Lens - Betsy Hostetler, PhD & Mindy Schrager

Change SIG: 8/26/22 - Creating Relationship Awareness Through a Systemic Lens - Betsy Hostetler, PhD & Mindy Schrager

  • 08/26/2022
  • 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • ZOOM LINK and Handout to be sent 8/25/2022
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Creating Relationship Awareness Through a Systemic Lens
 (bring your own coffee/tea and snacks). 

Relationships are integral to what it means to be human. Though we sometimes think of ourselves as separate beings, we’re more connected than we are separate. In this session we’ll look at the systemic basis for understanding the space between us in relationships.

  • How balanced is the giving and receiving/taking in your relationships?
  • What is your tendency when giving to others?
  • How easy is it to receive or take from others?

We’ll use Systemic constellations, a process for exploring hidden dynamics in family systems that encourage or disrupt connection. In a gentle, respectful way they can shed light and bring new insight that helps relationships. They can offer a new perspective on relationships – and the issues that inevitably come up between people who care about each other.

In small group practice sessions, you’ll be invited to explore a relationship you value, and that you’d like to examine more closely. We’ll look at the balance of giving and receiving/taking, and how it affects relationships. You’ll have an opportunity to explore some of the hidden dynamics that keep issues in place, and have the chance to experiment with new ways of connecting.

Betsy Hostetler, Ph.D.   

Dr. Hostetler has helped leaders shift their cultures to become healthier, more robust and more customer-service oriented. Using participatory methods to bring leaders, teams and organizations together, Betsy has helped them lay the groundwork for change. Deeply trained in the systemic constellation method, a groundbreaking method to uncover the hidden dynamics that hinder progress, she has helped leaders achieve breakthroughs they didn’t think possible. She works in healthcare, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and can be reached at www.HostetlerConsulting.com.

Mindy Schrager    

Mindy Schrager is an ICF PCC credentialed coach, Integrative Coach, Systemic Facilitator, and Aura-Soma practitioner with a passion for transformational work. Her experience and transformational training has been focused on creating positive change in life and business experiences (i.e. shadow, family DNA) for herself and her clients. She loves to shine the light on hidden patterns and the root cause of dysfunction and then help you create new pathways to growth.

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NOTE 2: Do you have an idea to polish or a presentation to try out? The Change SIG is looking for 2023 speakers (March-October).

For more information, contact SIG leaders, Mary Charles Blakebrough (919-656-9573) or Vickie Bevenour.

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