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Leadership SIG - Taking a Stand – A Leadership Competency

  • 07/14/2020
  • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • via ZOOM Invite sent later

 Black Lives Matter

These words have propelled a global movement. 

The world is demanding action from leadership. People want straight talk about what will change this time. Business and political leaders are being compelled to engage in conversations committing themselves and their organizations to a new future. 

It's vital that the authenticity of these commitments endures.

It all begins with a stand – powerful words that root us in possibility. Stands make us accountable – to colleagues, customers, and ourselves. Stands keep us anchored – whichever way the prevailing winds may blow. 

In our kick-off SIG, we will discuss the following questions: 

  • What does it take for a leader to have an unshakable relationship to their words?
  • Can it be learned? And if so, how?
  •  What are examples of past leaders who have taken a stand and what possibilities did they create?
  • What can we learn from them that may help our current situation?
  •  As OD leaders, what stand are we willing to make in our practices?

See you on the July 14th at 4:00PM via Zoom

Bob Stapleton and Joe Doty

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