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Leadership SIG - Leading Culture Change in a VUCA World – Barriers and Opportunities



 Please note – Our SIG is taking July and August off and will return on September 21st. Enjoy your summer, and like all good leadership, take time to relax and reinvigorate.


Leaders increasingly experience massive and escalating disruptions in their organization including a technology tsunamis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ripple effects of the coronavirus, the side effects of global warming, and employee burnout. Accordingly, organizational leaders must make frequent, methodical culture changes. To accomplish that, this session will guide participants through unblocking fundamental barriers to culture change by identifying and explaining how to conquer certainty illusions. These are involuntary mental “lenses” that determine much of our realities including cultures and culture changes.


Barry Borgerson will be our guest Facilitator


Barry has a Ph.D. (computer science with managing human resources minor) from the University of California, Berkeley. He has retired from a successful executive leadership career in technical and general management where he drove multiple culture changes. He created a theory of automatic human activities that includes understanding and transforming the hidden mental mechanisms responsible for behavior habits and organization cultures. He has several articles and podcasts published on changing business cultures: https://www.2selfs.com/media. Dr. Borgerson has coached many leaders through transforming counterproductive behaviors and businesses through changing obsolete cultures. Barry leads the Culture-Change SIG of the local chapter of the Association for Talent Development.

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