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Leadership SIG - The Power of Curiosity and Not Knowing

  • 09/15/2020
  • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • via ZOOM Invite sent later

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“Seldomly right, but never in doubt.” Anonymous 

Leaders have to lead even when they arent sure about where to lead. Even when they are sure, they can be very wrong. Both of these examples can be mitigated through curiosity and embracing uncertainty. While much has been written about the benefits of curiosity - the idea that great leaders ask a lot of questions, not knowing is not held in as high regard. We are told that great leaders exude confidence and are never in doubt. My experience with leaders is that they move forward exuding confidence but, more than not, are riddled with doubt. 

Most leaders are not curious enough. Curiosity is not their first nature because they have been told their entire careers to trust their gut and make the call. Their lack of curiosity often leads to poor decisions and outcomes. This has always been a problem, but in a pandemic world where old solutions no longer apply, lack of curiosity can lead to disaster.

In this SIG, we will discuss how leaders can leverage curiosity to overcome uncertainty and doubt. I once worked with a newly promoted executive hired to turn around a failing organization, who said after a week in the job, “I have no idea what to do.” Join us to find out what happens next.

I hope you will join Joe Doty and me September 15th at 4:00PM via Zoom

Be well,

Bob Stapleton

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