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TODN Leadership SIG - Build Your Brand - Personal Branding and Canva 101

  • 07/24/2024
  • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Zoom - Virtual Meeting

So, you want to write and post more, but something is holding you back. Amy Edmonson's work on psychological safety reveals that we all fear coming across as naïve, incompetent, or disruptive. As organizational and leadership development professionals, we guide organizations in fostering environments where people can express themselves freely and push back, knowing it's vital for engagement and innovation. Yet, even we can struggle with the fear of not sounding intelligent enough, coherent enough, interesting enough, or thought-provoking enough. This fear is one of the toughest challenges in building both internal and external brands, often leading to reluctance in sharing our voices. 

In this session, we will define personal branding, explore strategies to overcome self-doubt, provide examples of effective business branding, and dive into the basics of visual branding with a live Canva demo. Join us to learn how to confidently put yourself out there and build a compelling brand.

Our humble teacher today is Kara Kirby, the founder and CEO of Insights and Leadership Group. Her organization focuses on providing tools and expertise so that organizations can scale their people first leadership practices. Please join us for an exciting conversation.


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