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Free Webinar - The Self-organizing Revolution: Why Top Companies Are Abandoning Hierarchy

  • 2018-02-20
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Come join TODN as we host a free webinar on the Self-Organizing Revolution!  TODN Member, Bob Stapleton, will interview Tim Kelley, one of the world's top experts on new paradigm systems and methods.  Tim will also be the TODN Annual Conference keynote speaker on April 10th.

Webinar Description:
You may have heard terms like “self-organizing,” “non-hierarchical” and “flat” thrown around by business speakers and authors.  But what are they really talking about, and do these new systems actually work?  Most leaders have at least tried some form of collaborative decision-making, but most of these experiments fail miserably.  Why, and what does it take to make them succeed?

Join Bob Stapleton and Tim Kelley for an inspiring tour of the fast-growing world of non-hierarchical organizations!  Learn what all the fuss is about, and whether your company would benefit from self-organization.  In this engaging one-hour webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The three types of self-organizing systems
  • Why the companies that use them successfully rave about them and never look back
  • How to tell a “true” self-organizing system

Many thought leaders predict that hierarchy will be replaced in years to come, and that companies that continue to use it will be left behind.  This is your chance to be on the cutting edge of a business revolution!

About the Presenter:

Tim Kelley is a global change agent and internationally renowned expert on new paradigm systems and methods.  He works with top leaders in many fields and countries to transform and evolve organizations, markets and industries. His client list includes top leaders and executive teams from such companies as Nabisco, ING, Oracle and Price Waterhouse Coopers, as well as government ministers and leaders of international NGOs.

Tim has trained over 1000 consultants, therapists and coaches in his methods. He is the author of True Purpose and the best-selling coauthor of three other books. His methodology, True Purpose, has been featured internationally in magazines, newspapers and on television.

Tim is working with politicians and business leaders in the Middle East to find the higher purpose of Israel and resolve the conflicts there.  He has commanded military organizations, including an amphibious assault craft unit, and is a retired Naval Reserve officer.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from MIT.

Learn more about Tim here: 






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