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BEyond Change - Understand the Driving Force of the ‘Being Energy’ when you Lead a Change

  • 09/30/2020
  • 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
  • via ZOOM, Link will be sent in advance to attendees



[This will be a No-Fee virtual Zoom event. Simply RSVP.]

BEyond Change - Understand the Driving Force of the ‘Being Energy’ when you Lead a Change

Presented by: Noa Ronen - Executive and Leadership Certified Coach

Most organizations experience constant internal and external change and the successful ones are those that help strengthen the leaders who can weather the storms against the distractions and high stress. Yet there’s no employee manual telling these leaders how to effectively lead so they do what they know – they focus on driving actions. But there are some areas, like leadership, where only taking action is not enough! There is more: actions without any Awareness (AwareLess) of who you are being as a leader will not lead to the desired change or new actions. Moreover, pushing yourself or others into actions without understanding the Being energy, or as Noa calls it the Being Force will make people resist the change—or ultimately resist you.

 In this talk, Noa Ronen, an Executive and Leadership Certified Coach will help you identify your autopilot being and doing  so you can dare first and take risks with your people to address the being part of the process, you can influence, inspire and create real impact. Noa calls this process BEyond Leadership. Not only will you be able to lead change again and again, but you will be able to open up, feel momentum with your leadership, and see beyond you, beyond your values, and beyond your vision to now engage others in your leadership and help others grow into their best selves.

In this engaging talk you will learn:

1.   To identify the difference between the Being and Doing energies.

2.   When you are in a momentum to inspire, engage, and influence others and how to act on it.

3.   BEyond awareness – learn why it is important to understand the illusion of awareness and how it can help you and the people you work with to create a sustainable change.


Noa Ronen, MBA PCC. Speaker, coach, author, vlogger, disruptor, and coffee lover brings more than 20 years of experience in Change Management, Human Resources, Project Management, and coaching. Noa encourages progressive leaders and social leaders  to never settle on the norms so they can create the change they desire. 

Noa’s personal relocation experience resulted in a refreshing view of the world that invites you rather than looking for the differences in others to open your mind and heart to see people and situations differently. This is what Noa calls Beyond Leadership where your new way of being inspires and influences others. You can purchase Noa’s book on Amazon/B&N: BEyond: Leadership from AwareLess to AwareNess: Dare to BE the Leader You Can Be.

To learn more about Noa:


Social media: @noaRcoach

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