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  • ZOOM: Change SIG: 12/4/20 - Big 2020 AH-HA for You? 20th Annual Tips & Tricks Exchange

ZOOM: Change SIG: 12/4/20 - Big 2020 AH-HA for You? 20th Annual Tips & Tricks Exchange

  • 12/04/2020
  • 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • ZOOM - LINK and handouts to be sent 12/3/2020
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Big 2020 AH-HA for You? 20th Annual Tips & Tricks Exchange  (Coffee/tea/snacks) 
This is our annual SIG Holiday TIPS & TRICKS EXCHANGE. It is a joint Nov/Dec meeting and the agenda is one that we have had for 20 years. We gather to share something that has impacted us either professionally or personally during 2019. 

We ask that you bring a book, a tip, a technique, a brain-friendly recipe, a picture, a poem, a great quote, or anything else that has inspired, pleased or touched you in the past year. If it has been surprisingly successful, that's even better.

You can share your tip or trick with the group by telling us about it. NOTE: Debbie, Vickie, and I are brainstorming what might work for organizing the sharing on Zoom. We've found this to be one of our best programs - always full of surprises
 and a real GIFT to all of us!

NOTE: This would have been our sixth annual after-SIG lunch at a nearby restaurant open for lunch. How could we create a virtual one? Maybe have breakout sessions that everyone brings their own lunch & drink to. That way you get to hang out with a few other Change SIGers? Other ideas? Other experiences we might use as a model?

For more information, contact SIG leaders, Vickie Bevenour or Mary Charles Blakebrough (919-656-9573).

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