Change SIG - 9/28/2018

09/28/2018 8:30 AM | Mary Charles Blakebrough (Administrator)
Being Mindful: The Pause that Refreshes . . . AND Reduces Stress
Are you familiar with the bumper sticker: "Wag More, Bark Less"?  A ‘mindfulness’ bumper sticker might be:  "Notice more, Worry less."

Suzanne ‘zan’ Ballantyne and Andrea Laine will lead us in discussing the benefits of mindfulness, the science supporting it, and then share and collect suggestions for starting or strengthening a formal or informal practice. Included will be a brief guided meditation to set the stage for those who are new to it, as well as those bringing lots of experience.  We want to hear what’s working for you and what is not. One of the greatest aspects of a mindfulness practice is having a community in which to share."

Suzanne Ballantyne, B.A., Psychology, M.A. (abt), History & Philosophy of Education, both from Canadian universities, is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Registered Yoga Teacher approaching 1000 hours of teaching. She worked as a Wellness Coach with clients in Canada, Europe and Asia for an Employee Assistance Program, gathering enough hours to obtain her ACC. Her real love is yoga and spiritual growth & development. As well as coaching clients, Suzanne teaches yoga in private and group classes, and in organizations, including SAS and IBM. In 2015 she broke the humerus bone off the ball of her shoulder and thought her yoga career was over. With practice, determination, and the wisdom of yoga, Suzanne has virtually restored her arm even with the plate and 10 screws. She's back doing cartwheels and swimming front crawl. Her meditation practice began at age 19.

Andrea T. Laine, MLD, ACC - Andrea is a leadership and habit change coach. She helps individuals who work in the non-profit sector approach leadership with confidence and grace. She launched her coaching practice in 2013 following a long and broad career in fundraising and public relations in New York and Philadelphia and on the heels of earning a master’s degree in leadership development from Penn State and 125 hours of coach training. Practicing mindfulness is a major component of successful habit change.  An earnest meditation practice for strengthening mindfulness has been a part of Andrea’s being since 2008.

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