Change SIG - 6/23/2023

06/23/2023 8:30 AM | Mary Charles Blakebrough (Administrator)

We Don’t Have To Be One of the Guys
(8:30-10:30 - bring your own coffee/tea and snacks). 

In the professional world, many of us, especially women, have been taught to adopt masculine traits to succeed. We pursued success by working long hours, competing, and blending in with a male-dominated environment. But it's time to redefine leadership and success.

Today, the skills and qualities that are highly valued align naturally with feminine traits like authentic confidence, collaboration, and relational skills. In this talk, I will share how I transformed my life from being immersed in a male-dominated, high-pressure work environment to prioritizing self-care and nurturing relationships, integrating a new definition of success and leadership, earning even greater income.

It's time to embrace our true selves and let go of the belief that we have to be "One of The Guys" to succeed. Join me in rediscovering feminine power and creating a new definition of success aligned with our personal values.

Together, we can thrive in a world that values and appreciates our unique strengths. In this experiential program, the focus will be on:

  • Where in your life, personally or professionally, can you access your full power and potential?
  • What supports do you need in order to access your full power and potential? e.g., resources, people, environmental support
  • What’s your next inspired action step to actualize your life and potential?

Miriam Schuman, MBA  

Miriam is a transformative coach with a talent for delving deep into the heart of the matter, partnering with clients to overcome obstacles and ignite personal growth. Trained in Generative and Advanced Creative Mind and NLP coaching. With over three decades of diverse leadership experience in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, she brings a comprehensive perspective to leadership, growth, and change management.

Combining principles from psychology, modern philosophy, and mindfulness, Miriam mentors individuals to discover their inner power and catalyze transformative changes in their personal and professional lives.

Miriam's personal journey of transformation, both professionally and personally, sets her apart as a coach. With a lifelong passion for uncovering potential, Miriam excels at helping executives adopt a growth mindset, tap into their creative capacities, and discover new possibilities.

Miriam holds an MBA from Case Western Reserve University with a specialization in Organization Development, where she had the privilege of studying under David Cooperrider, the renowned father of Appreciative Inquiry. She continuously hones her coaching skills through advanced training in various methodologies. Miriam strongly believes that in order to fully support her clients, she must consistently engage in her own personal growth.

Miriam's multifaceted experiences and dedication to personal growth make her a dynamic and insightful coach who is committed to helping individuals unlock their full potential and lead purposeful, transformative lives.

NOTE 1: The Change SIG is now SEARCHING for several Zoom-comfortable

people to produce our programs on a ROTATING BASIS.
NEWS: Only to-do's for each Change SIG NOW are Tech Check & Zoom Host
  -- Do a 45-minute Tech Check 4th (or 5th)  Monday or Tuesday, with speaker(s) & Mary Charles
  -- Handle 4th (or 5th) Friday Zoom details, 8:00 -10:45 AM Eastern

Many thanks to - SUSAN WESTBROOK for being our June 23rd Zoom Host

NOTE 2: Do you have an idea to polish or a presentation to try out? The Change SIG is looking for 2023 speakers (August-September).

For more information, contact SIG leaders, Mary Charles Blakebrough (919-656-9573) or Vickie Bevenour.

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