Change SIG - 10/28/2022

10/28/2022 8:30 AM | Mary Charles Blakebrough (Administrator)

Quantum Collaboration: Consciously Co-Creating Change
 (bring your own coffee/tea and snacks). 

Today’s change agents are encountering an increasing number of challenges to effect change. One prominent challenge is the growing sense of separation amongst individuals, leaders, and organizations, even though there are frequent calls for more connection. What can we do differently to foster more connection and help co-create the changes that humanity needs? 

In this interactive workshop, we will explore how you can expand your ability to co-create change by consciously operating with one foot in our 3D reality and the other in the quantum field. Debbie and Harper have built a model that outlines how to more effectively collaborate at increasing levels of complexity and will relate that model with basic concepts from the growing field of quantum mechanics. 

  • How might we invent new ways of collaborating in organizations? 
  • What could it look like if organizations intentionally identified, developed, and sustained collaborative processes?
  • How might change agents more consciously operate in both the 3D and quantum worlds?
This session weaves together themes from various practices into a few simple concepts that helps address what they consider to be a core competency of tomorrow’s OD practitioners: the ability to facilitate the evolution of organizations that are hardwired to co-create instead of control.

Debbie Morris   

Debbie Morris is an OD practitioner who has specialized in strategic planning, organization and personal change, facilitation and training. She spent her formative years at Nortel Networks and their R&D subsidiary, BNR. As an independent consultant, she enjoyed using Appreciative Inquiry and performance consulting methods to help clients plan and execute significant organizational improvements. She wrapped up her formal career as Planning Director for the NC Department of Revenue. Now Debbie offers project assistant services to other consultants, and has finally had time to work on this long-standing passion project. 

Harper Ray Wagner   

Harper Ray Wagner has worked as a management consultant and professional development instructor for 17 years. His expertise includes improving organizational program and project management capabilities and leading business process automation efforts. His fascination with the energetic dynamics of groups grew once he started applying the Collaborative Operating System (COS) practices in 2018. Harper now enjoys experimenting with techniques to increase group coherence while facilitating organizational change meetings. 

-- Many thanks to Debbie (Beaufort, NC) & Harper (Croatia) who will be our October 28th Zoom Hosts, as well as our Presenters!

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