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06/26/2020 8:30 AM | Anonymous

Courage to Trust
"The world is a match for us – we are a match for the world”
 – Joseph Campbell (bring your own coffee & snacks)

 After the explosion of the first Hydrogen Bomb, Carl Jung was asked “Is there hope for the world?”  He answered, “There is hope – if enough people do their work – their inner work.”  In claiming our personal authority, being willing to accept and embrace a future without guarantees, we can summon the courage to create and make a difference whether it be in small acts or on a larger scale.   
This session will include experiential exercises and group discussions on how doing our inner work is integral to navigating the challenges we are currently facing.
•    How can we develop that feeling of Trust in ourselves, our instincts, intuition and develop courage to be creative in adapting?  
•    How does our inner work help in creating healthier relationships, communities, organizations, and impact society?    

Drawing from the work of Rollo May, (The Courage to Create) Carl Jung & Depth Psychology, we will explore how our inner journey plays an important role in healing the outer world.

     Peter Metzner, MA, MPA, PCC, BCC is president of Dynamic Change, Inc. In addition to Leadership and Team Coaching, Peter facilities seminars on Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Peak Performance. He incorporates guided visualization and dream work in many of his programs. Peter regularly facilitates seminars at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University Medical Center.
     He has researched and studied stress, mindfulness, meditation, visualization, synchronicities and dreams through the Journey Through Wholeness, Triangle Jung Society, Rhine Research Center, Robert Johnson, and others. Peter has given key-note presentations and workshops to the National Wellness Institute, Center for Creative Leadership, the Georgia Southern University Staff Council, and for global and regional ICF conferences.

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