Change SIG - 2/28/2020

02/28/2020 8:30 AM | Mary Charles Blakebrough (Administrator)

RESILIENCE: Resources to Bend not Break, Coping and Creating with Change (Coffee/tea/snacks)

      Just enough heat... can bend steel, not enough heat... resistance and struggle occurs, too much heat... and integrity is lost. How often are we subject to forcing shapes unreachable simply because the conditions are not ripe enough? How often do we subject others and ourselves to unripe or too ripe conditions only to be disappointed or overwhelmed by outcomes?
     Pressure changes everything. In a snap, a trigger event like death, divorce, merger, retirement or illness can alter your path forever. Equally, pressure overtime creates stress, which can alter your experience of mental, emotional and physical health, and undermine your sense of well-being and access to resiliency and effectiveness.     
     In this lively and informative interactive presentation, you'll learn to recognize the ripeness of enough, build resilience to bend not break, and work with the chaos of change that life brings.

     Annelies M Gentile, MA, PCC, is a speaker, author, Integrative Life and Leadership Coach with graduate studies in creativity, conflict transformation, peace building, and transformative leadership in Europe and the US.
     From Broadway to blacksmithing to divorce, death and Dubai, Annelies is no stranger to change. A thought leader with a presence-based approach to coaching— Annelies helps professionals navigate change, mindfully, creatively and successfully. Having traveled in 22 countries and 47 US states, Annelies discovered that most people want the same three things: to be heard, to feel safe, and to hold a sense of belonging. How we get there is what triggers conflict, separation and discord. She says "getting comfortable with what’s uncomfortable is important and matters to all of us."
     No matter whom she serves, Annelies believes the secret to success is compassion. Learn more about Annelies and her new book From Chaos to Calm :: Leading Change from the Inside Out at her website

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