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09/27/2019 8:30 AM | Mary Charles Blakebrough (Administrator)

Change SIG: 9/27/19 - THE CIRCLE SOLUTION: Using 'Interpersonal Flexibility Circle' to Decode Mysteries of Relationships - Hope Hills, PhD (coffee/tea/snacks) 

Hope Hills, PhD,  fell in love with Timothy Leary’s Interpersonal Circumplex from the 1950’s, as the dynamics it pictured helped her see that there is “lawfulness” to relationships. Learning it and then studying it for her dissertation helped her to become more effective with people, and then help her clients make sense of the confusing world of relationships that they faced.

But that Circle mainly focused on problem relationships, with very little to offer about howhealthy relationships looked.  She spent two years developing the Interpersonal Flexibility Circleto use with her corporate and other clients. 

She wanted them to use the Circle as a map to recognize the dynamics they face with the people in their lives, and then have real strategies to move to a different place on the Circle to get the outcomes they want. She also wanted to be able to use it as a base for assessing where they “hang out” so they can understand how they set up all the relationships they have, and then take their power back.

Hope will outline the core dynamics of the Circle with actual stories of its use. You will experiment with it by mapping yourself and mapping experiences in relationships that you’d like to understand.  We will use a Simulation that Betsey Upchurch and she developed that shows how valuable the Circle is in everyday work situations. Come with questions, with examples of confusing situations such as:

  • Is there a relationship in your life that is really frustrating you? Think of one frustrating experience to map.
  • How about a relationship in your life that is truly amazing? See why by mapping a delight-full experience.
  • Think of your clients. Come with questions to consider about how to help them make sense of the relationships that get in their way.

Dr. Hope HillsCircle Consulting Group is named after her major product: The Interpersonal Flexibility Circle (IFC). It is a small firm but has shared the power of the Circle in China, Korea, Germany, Brazil and the US through coaching, team development, organizational consulting and leadership training and development.

  • She is a licensed counseling psychologist and Board-Certified Coach.  Since 1991 she has focused on providing powerful tools that help leaders build highly successful teams and healthy organizations where people love to work. 
  • Hope has worked with Fortune 50 companies, non-profits, medium and small companies, helping leaders create transparency, excitement and an engaged workforce.

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