Change SIG - 5/24/2019

05/24/2019 8:30 AM | Mary Charles Blakebrough (Administrator)

Navigating Career/Life Transitions With Courage: A Collaborative Discussion

  • Are you motivated to move up, become more visible, influential, or known as a leader in your field? Or do you wish to slow down and shift direction after years in a fast-paced profession?
  •  Are you building your career, seeking wisdom from others who survived similar challenges and opportunities? Or are you mid to late career, eager to give back and help less experienced colleagues make the most of their gifts?

Careers take off, stall, soar, come to a dead stop, and re-start in unpredictable ways. A quick, high-stakes decision may change things in an instant. Slow, awkward -- yet desirable -- transitions may take years, as you struggle with letting go of an outdated and successful professional identity.

Wherever you are on the path, you're not alone. Join us for some big questions, a few answers, and an opportunity to encourage each other. During "check in" you will be invited to bring a career transition question to the group, or to share, briefly, where you may be headed next on your journey.

Facilitated by Julie Mitchell, MA. CoachWalks® - Your path... your pace.

Julie has walked clients (ages 16 to 88) through big opportunities, unwelcome challenges, and an amazing array of career/life decisions. She loves to help people listen, learn, understand themselves and others better, find their voices, and feel more comfortable, courageous and confident as they share their gifts. She guides clients on the paths she knows best, offering communication skills coaching and strategy, integrated leadership consulting, and realistic, reassuring guidance through transitions.

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