7/26/18 Workshop: The Business Imperative of Kindness and Equity in the Workplace

06/29/2018 1:33 PM | Anonymous

We invite you to join our upcoming workshop on 7/26/18! The Business Imperative of Kindness of Equity in the Workplace.

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What is the role of kindness and equity in the context of today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment? Incorporating kindness and equity into your business and people practices is not easy, but we believe it is increasingly necessary for organizations to maintain a competitive edge and survive in today’s world. We will share our definition for kindness and equity within a business context and provide practical examples for building a kind and equitable workplace that has a direct impact on business productivity and innovation. You'll leave with specific actions you can take to build an organization that is kind, equitable, AND profitable. 

Our speakers are partners at Paradox Consulting Partners. The Paradox team includes MBAs, PhDs, and other advanced degrees in organizational psychology, business, and human resources. They share many decades of national consulting experience to successful organizations including Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.