Change SIG - 5/25/2018

05/25/2018 8:30 AM | Mary Charles Blakebrough (Administrator)

I Didn’t Sign On for This: Dealing With Constant Change in the Workplace
Won’t it stop?! Today’s increasing pace of change can create a personal and work life that mirrors the experience of standing on the baseline at a tennis court and having your opponent fire balls from a tennis cannon at you. This type of change seems constant; before you can assimilate one change another comes along. The phenomenon has become known as “Repetitive Change Syndrome (RCS).” 

Moving through change, and especially leading in times of change, takes time and energy; it’s extremely stressful. In this program, Mike will lead us through an interactive, lighthearted, and fast-paced session on one of these:

 -- How to recognize the change effects on you and the organization
 -- Why we resist change and how to lower resistance
 -- How to more easily embrace and work within the change
 -- How to use practical time and management strategies to better deal with the stress of change.
 -- How to move on to the new reality

Change isn’t going to slow down; if anything, it’s going to speed up. Accepting and addressing change isn’t complicated it’s just hard; this program makes it simpler.

--  Mike Collins has presented, “I Didn’t Sign On for This!” for a wide range of corporations, associations and government agencies. He is president of The Perfect Workday Company and author of The Perfect Workday Book.
-- For more information on the Change SIG, contact the leaders, Vickie Bevenour or Mary Charles Blakebrough (919-656-9573).