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Members of TODN may post notices below that will be of interest to potential clients and/or to other members of the community.  Examples of appropriate events include special promotions, book or article publications, workshops, presentations, or special programs.

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  • 08/05/2013 9:15 PM | Mary Charles Blakebrough (Administrator)
    Friday, August 23 – 8:30-10:30 AM  (near Streets at South point mall in Durham, directions below)

    Making RIGHT TURNS as Part of a Change Initiative
    Theresa Raines will provide a “hands on experience” with a tool designed to increase awareness about change – from the external drivers of change to how change impacts organizations and individuals.  Come and discuss the power of using visuals, metaphors and symbolic language to increase buy-in and commitment for change.

    The Discovery Map incorporates maxims of change management rather than any one school of thought, e.g., Kotter or Bridges, but pulls from them. Discovery Mapping is intended to encourage reflection and spark dialogue to help secure buy-in for any change initiative (moving employees from general awareness to understanding and commitment).

    Theresa Raines is a Senior Account Executive at Paradigm Learning in Cary. Paradigm Learning  uses a unique blend of discovery learning techniques, including board games, simulations, maps, visuals, and small team activities. Their new, refreshing and powerful programs quickly captured a large audience of corporate fans and, years later, their story of innovation continues.

    To RSVP & Directions: 919-493-5424
  • 06/24/2013 1:20 PM | Lynn Duffy

    “How could “improv” possibly relate to the field of Organizational Development?”  This was my question as I anticipated attending the Triangle OD Network’s January workshop Add FIZ to your MOJO:  Build Improvisation Skills for Increased Interaction.  Having attended this interactive workshop, lead by Greg Hohn of the Transactors Improv Company, and worked with multiple leaders and teams in their mission to build trust, improve collaboration, and innovate, the potential benefit of having an improv mindset is becoming clearer to me.  Some thoughts…

    What if we approached our work like improv actorsundefinedbasically, working without a script?  When we drop expectations of being in control, do we free ourselves to be more aware, to “be here now”?

    If we anticipated the unknown with the excitement of actors in an improv skit, rather than with fear, would we be better positioned to lead through the “change curve” and understand the true sources of opportunity and risk?

    Would the quality of our collaborations be better if we truly listened to othersundefinedrather than the script in our heads about what to say next?  Would our solutions be more innovative if we built on others’ ideas with an improviser’s “Yes, and…” rather than quelching the discussion process with “No, but…”?

    If you are thinking “yes” to these questions like I am, perhaps it’s time to add improv skills to our professional “mojo”!

    June Mullaney Mader

    April 2, 2013

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