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03/27/2020 8:30 AM | Mary Charles Blakebrough (Administrator)

Feeding Your Brain for a Change - 2020 UPDATE

It has been a year since we last discussed feeding the brain for a change. 
So . . . What’s up? What’s new? What have we all learned, experienced, and discovered?

Your guides, resources gatherers, and presenters for the meeting will be: Hope HillsMarguerite LawnMary Charles Blakebrough and Mindy Schrager.

The four presenters will share information and updates from some of the latest books, podcasts, research, resources regarding ways to nurture the brain and body to maintain and improve health and brain function.  There will be several new twists as there are major updates in brain nutrition and integrated health care.

Some books/topics on the sharing list are:

  • ML: There is increasing recognition that diet and meal timing play a critical role in lifespan, healthspan and brain functioning.  Two authors, Dr. Jason Fung, MD, and Dr. Valter Longo, PhD, have researched the underlying mechanisms behind diet, disease and longevity.  We will review current data.
  • MS: Neurographica is an artistic approach to transforming ourselves and the world. This special drawing technique helps to link our conscience with sub-conscious by activating connections between our brain cells – neurons - thus offering the key to infinite source of energy available through our brains.
  • MCB: The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness (Updated & Expanded) by Dr. Bradley Nelson – how an emotion chart, two process flowcharts, emotion definitions, and a refrigerator magnet can turn your life around. 
  • HH: Brain and body are one. To utilize all the brain offers we need a body with great circulation, good blood pressure that is detoxified, pain free and un-inflamed.  These are just a few of the things that are research-backed and achieved when a FAR Infrared Sauna is used regularly. Hope will share the science on both dry saunas and infrared technology and bring an infrared lamp to demonstrate.

In addition, if you have stirred up any brain-healthy snacks and treats, feel free bring them to share at the meeting, along with recipes, contact info, and resources you value for our 'send out afterwards' email.

For more information, contact SIG leaders, Vickie Bevenour  or Mary Charles Blakebrough (919-656-9573).

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