Change SIG - 10/22/2021

10/22/2021 8:30 AM | Mary Charles Blakebrough (Administrator)

How Can Teams Work Better? Applied Improv: 'Yes and', Agreement and Collaboration
(8:30-10:30 - bring your own coffee/tea and snacks).

Improv is an inherently collaborative art form; improvisers typically work in teams. Conceptually and practically, improv lends itself to considering what is possible when people work together on a team.

In a supportive and fun environment, we will apply to the act of collaboration a fundamental principle of improv, “yes and” (accepting an idea and building on it). Participants will be asked to engage in activities where they will have the opportunity to practice working together using the concept of “yes and”.

A workshop on “applied improv” can evoke skepticism or just seem downright scary to potential participants. Here are some questions I frequently get:

    Am I going to be “doing improv”? No. You will be engaged in paired or grouped activities that apply the concept we are working on so that participants may get to practice it.

    What if I do it “wrong”? You can’t. There are no “mistakes” in improv or applied improv.

    Don’t I have to be funny or witty to do this? No. The capacity to be present and put your attention on the person or people you are working with is among the most important skills an improviser can have.

    Do I need previous improv experience?No

    Why should I do this? Because it’s fun. And you will walk away with techniques that will expand and enhance your capacity to collaborate harmoniously, efficiently and successfully.

If you have further questions prior to the workshop, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be delighted to hear from you. You can reach me at


Regina Bartolone, Ph.D., CALC, ACC, Leadership Coach at Bartolone Coaching

Regina is an International Coach Federation (ICF) - credentialed leadership coach.  She works with organizations to build resourceful, innovative, robust teams  through a unique blend of coaching and applied improv.  

When working individually with leaders, Regina helps them discover different  approaches and fresh perspectives to navigating the unique issues they encounter  through active listening, thought-provoking questions and direct feedback.  

Prior to becoming a leadership coach, Regina pursued careers in academia, then  in research development at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is an improvisational actor and is a long-time practitioner of meditation.

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